5 Things you could do to keep your office washroom fresh

5 Things you could do to keep your office washroom fresh – The office washroom is usually one of the most used facilities in the office. And with that, the office washrooms are notorious for being one of the dirtiest places in an office environment, with great difficulty maintaining it clean. On the other hand, nobody wants to use an unsanitary washroom. And since a more transmissive variant of COVID-19 known as the Omicron variant, everyone, including your employees, will most likely be more conscious when they get back in the office. So how do you consistently keep it clean?

First and foremost, you need to ensure sufficient cleaning supplies are catered for your washrooms. The cleaning supplies matters for each and individual restroom, so as the amount. This matters significantly as you don’t want too many toiletry supplies flooding your storage room, do you? So having just the proper estimate for your washroom is essential to maintain the least among storage space while still cleaning frequently.

Here are some tips you could use to make sure your washroom stays fresh!

  1. Always keep the air fresh

Every time you enter a washroom, the first thing that always hits you is the smell of the area, and an unpleasant one will, of course, create a wrong impression to any customer’s going in to freshen up themselves. Allowing your bathroom to smell fresh gives an instantaneous appearance of a clean and hygienic bathroom that is well looked at.

How do you keep the air fresh, you might ask? Well, the use of air fresheners, odour absorbers and urinal deodoriser blocks will be sufficient for most washrooms in office environments to smell great. An added benefit would be cleaning your bathroom regularly with Cleaning Hero to ensure that nothing is causing the bad smell in the first place!

  1. Keep your bathrooms well stocked

The washroom’s state represents how much you as a business owner cares about your customer’s experiences. By keeping your bathrooms well stocked up on necessities, you are encouraging your employees a better chance to stay hygienic while in the office. Something simple like the availability of a hand soap could protect your employees and your customers from harmful bacteria that may cause trouble for your employees from here on out.

  1. Upgrade your restroom with newer technologies and equipment

The pandemic and implementation of social distancing have made people crave newer technologies and equipment to ensure more outstanding standards of hygiene wellness. As in 2021, it is recommended that a trip to the toilet should be as contactless as possible to reduce the chance of the spread of bacteria. The contactless technology uses specialised sensors that replace manual operation that is frequently used in high-touch facilities such as flushes, dispensers, faucets and maybe even doors to limit the contact surfaces between users.

  1. Regularly clean your bathrooms

The best practice and the most effective advice to keep your bathroom clean is still back to the basics with all that in place, increasing the cleaning schedules of your cleaners. That Cleaning Hero provides flexible schedules, you could choose to fit your needs, whether it be once a week or even five times a week. By cleaning more regularly, you will be able to maximise your chance of removing bacteria from high contact surfaces from any germs, bacteria, and viruses.

  1. Keep track of customer and employee satisfaction

After all that is done, the best way to keep track of your facilities’ cleanliness and state is to get “outside in” customer feedback and analyse that information. As every individual has their perspective on cleanliness differently, your opinion on fresh and clean may not be what your customers and employees think. It can be challenging to measure the expectations of everyone to find common ground but with all that said, getting a general picture is necessary for the comfort of everyone.

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5 Things you could do to keep your office washroom fresh