Common locations to take note of for office cleaning

Common locations to take note of for office cleaning – Office, the sanctuary of your business.

When you are running a business, you cannot run away from getting an office for you to locate your staff members and yourself.

The office is also where you will meet up with your customers and also have meetings with your employee so that you can set directions and solve problems.

There are many areas in your office that you should take note of when you are planning to clean up your office.

Keeping this areas clean, not only ensures good health for yourself and your employees, but you also have a nicer and much cheerful place for your customers to come by!

Let us now explore, “Common locations to take note of for office cleaning”.

1. Front Entrance aka Lobby

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The front entrance is the place where you create an impression.

We all know the importance of a good impression for your clients and also your staff members.

This is also the location where you need to keep clean and comfortable.

When you are cleaning your office, make sure to have no dust on the floor and it is not wet from any other water sources.

If you are someone who is into Feng Shui, it is good to have a water feature and some plants at the front entrance.

A bright and clean front lobby or entrance is key to the business.

You should keep the walls clean and without dirt as well to keep things feeling fresh.

Add some diffuser to provide essential oil therapy to this area to let guest feel at home when they enter your office.

Keeping things clean and sparkly is definitely the best way for good fortune and also a good impression.

2. Meeting Room/Conference Room

Common locations to take note of for office cleaning
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The meeting or conference room is where you meet your staff members to plan.

Not only to plan but also to discuss the directions of a project or the directions of the company.

This is a place you need to keep absolutely clean because you need a clean place to think well.

The floor usually done up with carpets need to be vacuumed regularly to prevent dust, so does the tables need to be cleaned regularly.

The conference room is also a location where you meet your clients.

A big desk looks good on the company and also the branding of the company.

A big desk will tend to gather dust and is not a nice thing if your clients see it or feel it when they are using the desk for discussions.

Keep the bin clean so that your customer do not smell rotting food there!

One of the key things to note for office cleaning!

3. Bosses/Managers Office

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The CEO office is where the CEO, who is the key person of the company is located.

He or She will be using this space to make deals and also discuss important information with top managers.

When your space is dirty or dusty, it interferes with him or her running the business.

For top managers, the space needs to be in well good order, bright and able to cater for a stressful environment.

For those people who want to run a good business, this area needs to be well kept and clean.

A clean table is a good place for the

4. Washroom

Common locations to take note of for office cleaning
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Customers will come by your office very often to meet and discuss items.

When you have a nice and presentable office, they will expect your washroom or toilet is up to standards.

What do you think they will feel if they walk into the washroom and realize it is broken and dirty.

This is an area that needs to be cleaned at least 2-3 times a week because it is where you big and small “businesses” are done.

If the cleaning is not kept up to date, you will start to see dirt everywhere and also it will start to smell.

This area is one of the key things to watch out for when it comes to running a business.

Keeping the office washroom clean is important for good overall health of your team.

5. Pantry

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The pantry, is where you employees will be having their packed food and also where they will have their coffee in between work.

When you are running a successful business, you want to be able to give your staff members good welfare.

Good welfare will also mean a clean and bright pantry so that they can have their short breaks in peace and comfort.

This is an area where food might have fell and must be cleaned up on a regular basis.

If this is not done, be prepared for pest such as ants coming by to visit.

One of the main areas to keep clean

6. Employee Desk/Workstations

Common locations to take note of for office cleaning
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The employee workstation is where you incomes are made.

For the employee to concentrate on delivering their work, you need to keep things clean.

This is also an area where you need to make sure there are not trash in the bins for a long time.

Some careless employees may throw foodstuff in their bins and if kept over the weekend will attract pest.

Employees are the ones that will deliver for your clients.

When you care for your clients, your clients care for you.

You should keep this part of your office cleaning done up properly.

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Common locations to take note of for office cleaning