Drop Cleaning Hero an email at hello@cleaninghero.sg, then let us know the following information for us to give a more detailed quote:

  1. How big is your office in Square Feet
  2. How many toilets are there that needs to be cleaned
  3. How often do you require our cleaning staff to be present per week?
  4. Are there any specific day or time that you require our office cleaner to come by?
  5. Will you be able to provide cleaning equipment? If no, we can do it for a cost
  6. Any additional requirements, for eg. (due to Covid-19), to clean with disinfectant solutions (extra cost applies)

There are two options:

  1. With Contract
  2. Without Contract

For those who choose with Contract, rates are usually lower as we are able to secure a more permanent placement for our cleaning staff. We are also better able to budget for our business arrangements.

For those who choose without Contract, rates are usually higher and there will be a 1 month notice period that applies.

We usually provide one cleaner for weekly/bi-weekly cleaning of office cleaning.

If the office/house is of a bigger size, we will provide more cleaners accordingly.

Yes, we strongly encourage customers to have a fixed cleaning day and time so that it is more convenient for us to schedule a fixed cleaner who know your needs.

We also encourage customers to do their booking early.

Our Cleaning Heroes are mostly locals and a few Malaysians. They are well trained.

It depends on your requirements.

As our fees are based on the number of days and number of hours you require our cleaners to come by, it can be anywhere between $20 to $30 an hour.

Do note that we pay our cleaners CPF as well as cover them with accident/injury insurance as well as third party insurance.

Our prices are also to maintain a high quality of work because we pay out cleaners at market or higher than market rates.

It includes the following but not limited to:

1. Vacuuming office floor (carpets if there are)
2. Wiping all tables & chairs
3. Wiping all cabinets
4. Wiping glass door
5. Wiping windows
6. Wiping all office phone
7. Emptying all rubbish bins
8. Cleaning and clearing the pantry
9. Cleaning the toilet
10. Sanitization of touchpoints (if required)

Yes we are, our license number is

According to the law, all persons or businesses operating a cleaning company is required by law to be registered and licensed by NEA.

Our certificate is below:

Yes, its very likely that there will be some adjustments, due to government requirements.

By 1 September 2015, all licensed cleaning businesses were required to pay progressive wages to all their resident cleaners (full-time, part-time, and casual inclusive).

To comply with the minimum requirements for salaries for our cleaners, we will also adjust our fees that we charge our clients as well.

Yes, Cleaning Hero is currently waiting for the arrival of our BizSafe Level 1 Certificate, we will share it on the website shortly.


Contact us for a quick quotation of your office, so we can start assisting you with your cleaning needs.