Guide to Singapore Office Cleaning Services

Guide to Singapore Office Cleaning Services – Do you own an office in Singapore? Are the the Office Manager in charge of all things to do the with the office space.

You will definitely find cleaning a very familiar role that needs to be covered by somebody.

Let us now share a Guide to Singapore Office Cleaning Services so that you will know what needs to be looked out for.

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Office Cleaning is definitely for persons who run or manage offices. Whether you are the business owner or the office manager, you will want to be taking charge of making sure your environment is clean and safe.

If you want to have clean and good environment, you need to take charge.

The who that enjoys the office are your employees and your customers.

This two groups of people are very important to your business success and if you do not care for the employees and customers comfort, you will eventually lose the business that you are suppose to gain.


There are many things to do when you need to get your workplace cleaning done.

Wiping with disinfectant is very common now with Covid-19 going around.

There is also a need to mop the floors so that they will not be dirty with all the people walking around in the office.

There is a need to sanitize and wash toilets and pantry area to prevent waste and food lying around.

This is one of the few things that needs to work hard for your commercial cleaning needs.


Are you someone who loves to have a nice place to work in?

Or maybe you are someone who doesn’t really care if its clean or not?

How often is the when question. When you are someone who is running a decently successful business, you won’t want your company image to be broken.

Just because you have a really smelly toilet?

Our recommendation for a slightly larger office is to have a cleaner come in everyday, between 3-4 hours a day.

This will ensure that most parts of the office.

As for offices that are below 1,00 square feet should still be clean every 2 days.

This will ensure a decent level of cleanliness for your employees and customer welfare.

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If you think office cleaning is easy? Think again!

There are quiet a few spots you need to care for and if you have a office that is of a certain size, the amount of work can be quite heavy.

Some of the common locations that you will need to care for are the following:

  1. Entrance Area
  2. Workstations
  3. Meeting Room
  4. Director/Bosses Rooms
  5. Pantry
  6. Washroom


You should think through what you want to accomplish before you hire someone.

Hiring someone on a freelance basis can be a problem because you do not have the means to find someone fast enough if the person you hired is not free to come by to do the work.

Hiring a Cleaning Services company can be a good idea when you are trying to get this done.

The prices are also usually more competitive.

Cleaning Hero is a Singapore Commercial Cleaning Services company specializing the commercial projects.

We have customers that are car showrooms, property showrooms, offices from the size of 1,000 – 10,000 square feet in size.

We work closely with customer to optimize the best frequency and number of cleaners to give them the best returns in terms of cleanliness and quality standards.

We hope to work with you if you require help with your workplace cleaning in Singapore.

Speak to us now, call +65 9863 8665.

Guide to Singapore Office Cleaning Services