How often should you clean your office toilets

How often should you clean your office toilets – The toilet is an important part of your office.

It is a place where everyone will need to frequent everyday. It is important that the toilets are always clean.

It doesn’t matter if you are at work or even at home, there are certain places that everyone needs to maintain the hygiene of these areas thoroughly.

Every morning when many offices open, the first thing most workers will do is visit the washroom facilities. The last thing they expect to see is an unclean toilet.

However, many workers will arrive in the restroom and there they will see a dirty bowl and no water in the sink. It is also very common to find an unflushed toilet with pieces of dried up urine and feces stuck on the sides of the bowl.

If your employees are arriving to work everyday and seeing dirty toilets, this could be an issue for them. Morale can be affected and this is something you do not wish to see.

You can’t have people showing up to work everyday in a place that has unclean facilities. If you are the boss, then it is your responsibility to make sure that the restrooms were cleaned before or after each shift.

From our experience, the best frequency to clean your office toilets is to do it every working day, if possible.

For toilets are are frequented by many employees, the owners of the company are expected to clean them everyday.

But for office that has maybe 1-2 employees you can maybe do the cleaning once every week or twice a week.

So it really depends on the number of people using the toilet.

It also depend on the level of cleanliness expected of your office, if you frequently meet clients and you do not wish to display that your office is dirty and filthy.

Then it is highly recommended to do it much more often then not.

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How often should you clean your office toilets