How often should you clean your office

How often should you clean your office – Do you own an office or you are renting one right now?

There are many reasons to keep the office clean and sparkly, but we are not here to discuss this today.

We are here to discuss how often should you clean your office.

We all know that keeping things clean makes you healthy and we all know that a clean place is great for feng shui if you are a believer as well.

To keep things clean, your office cannot be clean every once a month.

There are things like dust from outside the office and also when there are humans that are in the office, there will be dust.

Dust is made up of human dead skin and humans shed skin every single moment.

So How often should you clean your office?

1. Daily Office Cleaning

For office, we will like to recommend for one that is the size of more than 2000 sq ft to do it almost every other day, because for such sizes, the number of employees are likely to be 10 or more.

With more than 20 employees and likely customers, you are going to have a filthy toilet and pantry in no time.

You would not want your employees or customers to be using a dirty office space.

Reasons for that is that you will probably have an office and will need to have it cleaned because 2000 sq ft locations usually can house between 15 – 20 employees and with that many employees using the toilet it will start to stink very very soon.

The recommended choice is 5 days a week but not everyone has that budget to have someone come over every month.

2. Fortnightly or Once a week

For those with smaller office, with or without a toilet, we will recommend twice to thrice per week so that the office is clean and tidy and do not smell.

We usually will suggest either to mop or to vacuum the place at least once or twice a week so that you do not have hair all around the place and also to keep things tidy.

The good thing about working with a good cleaning company that does not just want to make profits off you will be to suggest what is best for your budget and also best for the cleaning requirements of your company.

You will probably want to do it to the best it can be on your budget and we work on such projects with you.

3. Once a month

This is so not recommended but if you are someone who is ok with a dirty working space or only you are using that space, you might go for a once a month clean but we do not recommend doing so!

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