How to keep your office pantry clean and tidy

How to keep your office pantry clean and tidy – Offices mostly have a pantry, where your employees will be having their breaks and also get some water and for those who do not wish to eat out. To heat up their food and have lunch in.

As part of the office and also an area where there is food, this is also a likely location for pest to be around and to spread to the rest of the office.

Let Cleaning Hero share with you some tips on how to keep your office pantry clean and tidy today!

1. Have a rule that no one can throw food in the office or the pantry bin

The office is a place that should not attract pest and if you have bins in the office and the pantry, you should make sure that no one throws food items that can attract pest like cockroaches or ants.

Once you have an infestation, you might find it hard to keep them away.

Instead of trying to kill them when they appear, why not just prevent them from coming by and happening in the first place.

2. Thorough cleaning of the pantry once every two weeks

The pantry can become a mess if no one really cares for it.

Two weeks once of good tidying and cleaning is necessary if you want to ensure that the area does not smell or do not disgust your employees who are using it.

Thorough clean also means to have your microwaves and any heating items wash and clean up well so that they do not have stains or dirt.

3. Make sure there is a person in your office that is in charge of the pantry

Assigning someone to take care of an area is the best way to make sure that the area is clean.

This means that if the pantry is dirty, you can go to the person in charge and be able to ask why things are not kept in place.

They will also ensure that their colleagues do not make a mess of the area.


4. Make sure to clean the office fridge and also washing basin regularly

The fridge should be wiped down frequently, as well as the washing basin.

Don’t wait until stains or molds happen before you start caring for the cleanliness.

By then it will be too late and you may either need to replace the fridge or get professionals to deep clean the fridge for a fee.


Your office should be your sanctuary and if you care for the area of the office that you will want to enjoy the most, you will have to take good care of the pantry.

If you do not have time to clean up your area, you could op for daily office cleaning services or weekly office cleaning services provided by our company, Cleaning Hero.

We look forward to making sure you have a clean and safe area to work!

How to keep your office pantry clean and tidy