7 Reasons to outsource your Singapore Cleaning Services

7 Reasons to outsource your Singapore Cleaning Services – Cleaning, something that everyone knows needs to be done but will try to delay it if possible.

We all know that keeping your area and your house or office clean is imperative to good quality of life and also to healthy living but it is also something that is very exhausting and time consuming and we are all short of time and energy in this time and age.

So let us now explore the article on “Reasons to outsource your Singapore Cleaning Services”:

1. Cleaning is very time consuming

The modern man and woman are busy working on their careers or business and have very little time to spend at home.

We are mostly out and about during office hours and also networking and having drinks and dinners with friends in the evening.

This leaves very little time to do the cleaning works.

When it comes to having time on the weekends to do such maintenance works, you might be so tired that you wish to rest and relax instead.

What you could choose to do is to outsource your home cleaning on the weekends to someone that is able to assist you with them for a few hours.

You could be resting in the living room checking things out on Netflix or playing your games while the cleaner can clean things up.

This makes your life so much easier and also does not consume your precious rest days.

2. Cleaning is very tiring

Washing the toilet and mopping the floor plus ironing your clothes, that sounds really really tiring.

The fact that you are working most of the time and when you get home you have to handle all this cleaning might be a big turn off.

Tiring work can also be something you do not wish to go through on a weekend when you are suppose to spend time with your family or take a short break to recharge.

Outsource this tiring work to someone who can help you out instead and take the time to spend it with your kids or other half.

Cleaning work can also tire you out in the long term so let someone else do the heavy duty task.

3. You may not be the best at cleaning with no expertise

Training is compulsory under the new government framework and all professional cleaners are trained to use the most efficient methods to do their cleaning work.

You might not be well trained and spending twice as much time and effort doing what should be easy.

Some of the harder to reach places might be done by someone who knows how to do it.

You may also miss certain parts of the house or office that someone who does it for a living knows that should be taken care of.

Let the professionals do the work for you so that you can rest and let them do a better job too!

4. It does not cost as much as you think

The per hour cost is relatively low for cleaning of residentials homes and offices and this is something that might just cost a few hundred a month for multiple visits to your location.

You can actually get a help to come in twice a week and spend more than 2-3 hours per time and probably spend less than $500 per month.

For most parts, the per hour cost is less than $25 per hour if you have extended periods of hiring.

You are better off getting someone to help you out!

This is something that is competitive for most people who are paid more than this amount at work.

5. It is cheaper and less stressful than having a full time helper

Getting a full time helper means you need to pay their salary, their levy and also to care for them in terms of food and lodging.

Full time helpers also require you to ensure that they have medicals done on a regular basis.

All this adds up to a lot of management stress.

Part Time helpers who help you with cleaning does most of the work without all this other cost, it also means one less person actually staying in your house.

Getting part time help through Cleaning Hero also makes it less stressful for you.

We are able to find substitutes for you when your present person is sick or on leave.

Preferable for those who do not wish to have to care for an additional member in the family or office.

6. The Cleaner can help you to cover the parts of cleaning that you hate doing yourself

For myself, i am find vacuuming the floor but there is something about washing the toilets that i really just do not have the feels for.

This is unique for everyone, some might hate mopping or some might hate ironing their clothes.

Whichever it is, you can outsource that part of the job to someone who can do it better than you.

You can also not do certain things that might not be very pleasant to you like the toilet.

7. For office settings, you hired someone to do their job, not cleaning

You might be a boss owning an accounting firm or a financial institution, you pay probably $50 – $100 an hour to that particular highly skilled person.

Any business owner in their right mind will not want to deploy someone so highly skilled, that should be bringing in revenue to the company, to help clean the sink or mop the floor.

Even if they are willing to, it is totally a bad deployment of resources on the end of the business owner.

You could outsource your office cleaning to a professional who could be in and out in 2 hours and most of the work done.

Specialized materials and methods can be used to ensure all is done according to requirements.

Cleaning Hero is a Singapore cleaning services company that is able to assist you with Residential Cleaning Services in Singapore and also Office Cleaning Services in Singapore.

If you require help in this areas, you can speak to us for a quick quotation.

We hope to hear from you soon!

7 Reasons to outsource your Singapore Cleaning Services