Residential Home Cleaner in Bishan & Sin Ming

Residential Home Cleaner in Bishan & Sin Ming – Bishan is one of the top residential estates in Singapore.

Home to many million dollar HDBs that seems to keep going higher.

Bishan is located right smack in the middle of Singapore and is a highly accessible town to anywhere in Singapore.

Most places are just a 20 minutes drive away and this is a great place to stay.

Residential Home Cleaner in Bishan & Sin Ming
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Bishan is also home to many good schools such as Catholic High School, Raffles Institution and closer to the Sin Ming side, Ai Tong Primary School.

With so many good schools located around this area, Bishan is one of the priced locations in Singapore to own a property.

Whether it is out of the HDB flats that are available in the town, there are many condominiums and landed houses in the region.

This whole region is seeing property prices increasing much over the years and many more demand coming in.

With property prices being high in this area, most owners are hardworking family members, out making a living to be able to afford this area.

For most of the property owners, they may not have the spare time to work on their own cleaning.

Cleaning a house is very tough work, you have areas that needs to be mopped, you have clothes to be ironed and you have toilets to be washed.

All of this takes up at least 4-5 hours per week and for those that require more in depth cleaning, it will take up even more because it will translate to 10-15 hours a week of cleaning time.

As million dollar property owners, you are definitely worth way more than the amount you will be paying to Cleaning Hero to hire a home cleaner for your cleaning needs.

Our residential home cleaning services providers are well trained to help you clean up your place.

There are many corners in a house that you, not a professional may not be able to reach or know about.

We ensure our cleaning services employees are able to do that for you.

Our cost is also very competitive and we also pay our employees well to ensure that they are able to deliver the best for our clients.

If you are looking for a quality Bishan Home cleaner, you are sure to find them at Cleaning Hero Pte Ltd. Residential Home Cleaner in Bishan & Sin Ming

Cleaning Hero is a Singapore Office and Home Cleaning provider.

We work closely with our clients to ensure that the best quotations are giving and the best services are provided.

You can contact us if you are a resident of Sin Ming area or Bishan area in Singapore.

We will assist you in your house cleaning needs.

Or call us at +65 98638665 for a quotation now!

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