Residential Home Cleaner in Shenton Way, Tanjong Pagar, Marina Bay & CBD

Residential Home Cleaner in Shenton Way, Tanjong Pagar, Marina Bay & CBD – The Central Business District of Singapore, this three regions houses most of the banks and major financial institutions in Singapore.

Headquartered in this region are the most powerful and biggest banks and financial institutions that do business with each other.

For those who stay in this region, usually they are higher management or are key persons in the financial institutions, needing to be located near their work places in case of any emergency happening at work and requiring their presence.

This three regions are mostly super high end residential properties costing more than $3,000 per square foot. Or they are made up of office blocks

Shenton Way is the prime business district of the 90s with most of the banks located here, right now most of the buildings are starting to feel a little dated as they are mostly developed before the 2000s.

Shenton Way has a much higher percentage of office blocks that are slightly dated and also the Singapore Exchange buildings.

We are always ready to assist with your Shenton Way Residential Home Cleaning.

Tanjong Pagar is more or less the secondary central business district, this region has a higher percentage of residential population with more condominium developments and some apartment flats. Home Cleaning for people staying in Tanjong Pagar is likely to see more of them in the HDB developments and also condominiums.

This area is also home to some of the tallest buildings in Singapore.

On the outskirts of Tanjong Pagar is the port area managed by Port of Singapore Authority (PSA).

Marina Bay Financial District, the latest Central Business District Area.

With the reclamation of land being a success and the building of the Marina Bay Sands area, this area is slowly being developed to house all the latest and the coolest buildings.

The Major Banks such as Standard Chartered and Development Bank of Singapore (DBS) is housed in the Marina Bay Financial Centre (MBFC) area.

The High End Condominium estates in the area will definitely require Home Cleaning for Marina Bay area.

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