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Showrooms are where businesses show case their wares.

Whether you are selling a house that is worth millions or you are trying to sell a brand new Mercedes-Benz, you can definitely use a showroom to display the items for your customer to get a feel of what they are buying.

Keeping your Singapore Showroom Clean is one of the main things you need to look into because a dirty showflat or showroom will signal to your guest or customers you are not serious with what you do.

We have experience ensuring your Singapore Car Showroom Cleaning is done to the tip top of conditions!

Cleaning Hero works closely with many car showroom and property showflat administrators to ensure a thorough clean!

Areas to Clean in your Showroom

Showroom Floor

Reasons to Choose Cleaning Hero for your Home Cleaning

Our Showroom Cleaning Singapore have a few advantages:

  • You save your own time and effort
  • Well trained Cleaners means you get more done per hour
  • We pay our Cleaners well so they put in their best efforts every time

FAQs for Singapore Showroom Cleaning

How many hours and how many days of cleaning really depends on your requirements and also the size of your showroom.

For those who have a showroom that is smaller than 1,000 square foot, usually 2-4 hours per week should be adequate for minor cleaning and slightly more hours for thorough cleaning.

For those with showroom bigger than 1,000 square foot, you may require more than a days work and thus require more days and hours.

Also a showroom owner who has a higher requirement of cleaning will probably want to schedule more days or more hours to get better deeper clean.

We all have different standards for cleanliness so choose the amount of Singapore Showroom cleaning services based on your needs and also your monthly budget.

Car Property Showroom Cleaning Singapore

Yes of Course! That’s definitely one of the main reasons to get a Cleaning company like us for your Showroom Cleaning needs. If you go direct hire, usually when the cleaner is ill or not able to make it that day, you end up without help.

We will ensure someone covers the duties for that particular day or week and ensure everything goes smoothly for your Car Property Showroom Cleaning Singapore.