Landed Property Cleaning Services Singapore

Landed Property Cleaning Services Singapore

Landed Property Cleaning Services Singapore

Do you own a landed house in Singapore? Terrace houses, Semi Detached or Bungalow Cleaning can be a really tough thing for anyone who has done it before.

Going from one floors to three floors with thousands of square feet of cleaning to be done can be a very tiring and tedious work.

Especially if you have not done it for a period of time, the spring cleaning can take up days.

There are times where you wish you can get things cleaned up for occasions such as Christmas or Chinese New Year where you want to invite guest over and do not wish for them to see the dirty house.

Landed houses in Singapore belong to a rare breed of property with only about 10% of Singaporeans staying in a Landed House in Singapore.

Most of the landed house are located slightly off the public transport routes and can be tough for freelance cleaners to get to.

For most landed houses, you will likely be staying in a Terrace that has two or three stories that are at least still 2-3000 square feet.

Cleaning the multiple rooms, some going up to 5 or 6 bedrooms and with en suite bathrooms.

The amount of time taken can be 6 hours to 2 days worth of cleaning and tidying.

Cleaning Hero is a professional cleaning company that is able to assist you, a Landed house owner in Singapore with the personnel and equipment needed for a Landed Property Cleaning Services Singapore.

Our Landed House Cleaners Singapore are trained to handle the rigors of cleaning a Terrace, Semi Detached or Bungalow house.

Having the necessary training and experience is key for the house cleaning needs of a landed house owner.

Contact Cleaning Hero for your Singapore Terrace House Cleaning, Singapore Semi-Detached Cleaning, Singapore Bungalow Cleaning or Singapore GCB Cleaning.

Efficient & Reliable

Reliable Team

Our team members will be there every week when you need help and on time to assist you with your Singapore Landed House Cleaning needs.

Efficient Cleaners

Privacy is why you own a Terrace or Semi-D House. Getting the work done well and done fast so that you can enjoy the privacy of your landed house.

Competitive pricing

We all know that budget is key to your employing of services. We understand that and quote reasonable prices for our efforts, while ensure high quality work done for your landed housing.

High Quality work

Your Landed House is your pride. Landed House Cleaning is our pride. We ensure the floors and walls and furniture are well kept and clean because we believe in good quality work.