Rental Handover End of Tenancy Moving Out Cleaning

Rental Handover End of Tenancy Cleaning

Rental Handover End of Tenancy Moving Out Cleaning

Are you moving out of your rented flat or apartment or maybe an office you rented for a few years?

After years of staying in a place, the areas that your frequently use are likely to become dirty and will need some form of deep cleaning to clear out the stains.

Is it within the contract that you need to find someone to do a thorough cleaning of the apartment before you leave and handover the unit back to the landlord? Moving out cleaning can be difficult because there may be years of dirt involved!

Or do you own a property and after your tenant left, you realize the apartment is in a bad and dirty state?

Cleaning Hero is able to assist you with your Rental Handover End of Tenancy Cleaning.

We work fast to get your rental location cleaned up fast so that you can move it on to the next tenant!

It is very important to ensure that the whole area is clean and fresh and ready to go for the next tenant.

A fresh and clean new place is happiness for someone coming into a new environment for the first time!

If you wish to find out more about your Rental Handover End of Tenancy Cleaning. Speak to us!

Why Choose Cleaning Hero?

Experienced Team

We send our team for training to pick up new skills and use equipment to improve their productivity. We understand where are the important spots to watch when doing your Rental Handover End of Tenancy Cleaning to ensure you handover a beautiful unit!

Adequate Manpower

Do you have limited time between the old tenant moving out and new tenant moving in? We have adequate amount of manpower to do quick work and getting the place ready for you as soon as possible!

Competitive Pricing

We quote reasonable rates for the work required of us! Speak to us to find out our quote for your Rental Handover Cleaning for your apartment or office right now! We are ready to handle your Singapore Moving Out Cleaning needs.

Quick Deployment & Completion

Our staff will get working on it immediately after we get your contract, as time is sensitive on moving out cleaning! The faster we get it done, the faster you can start the rental contract for your next tenant!