Retail Shop Shopping Mall Cleaning Singapore

Retail Shop Shopping Mall Cleaning Singapore

Retail Shop Shopping Mall Cleaning Singapore

Running a retail shop is not an easy task.

There are stocks to take inventory of every other day, you need to maintain the workforce of the location.

You will also need to keep the location clean and tidy.

There are just too many things that the retail store manager will need to do and not enough time.

It will also be tough for your retail staff members to help with cleaning if they are busy managing the store and running the sales or inventory.

This is where Retail Store Cleaning by Cleaning Hero can help!

Retail Store Cleaning – Keeping your shopfront clean and tidy will keep your customer coming and leaving happy. A great environment to shop in!

Sanitizing High Touch Points

We prefer to keep high touch points sanitized such as:

1. Shelving where customers often touch
2. Cash register
3. Entrance Door Knobs
4. Display Racks

This keeps everyone safe from the current pandemic and also gives everyone a peace of mind when shopping in your retail shop!

Retail Shop Store Cleaning Singapore

Keeping your Employees and Customer safe and happy

The pricing depends on a few factors that will determine how much work there is for our Retail Shop Cleaners will need to carry out:

1. Size of your retail store (we will need to know by Sq Ft)
2. What are the areas that you need us to cover (eg. front reception, shelving, mop floor, glass panels, etc.)
3. What timing do you prefer? (Most customers prefer before the start operations)
4. How clean do you expect things to be?
5. How often do you require the cleaning?

Email us so that we can know your specifications to give a much more accurate quotation for your business.

Yes, the whole point of hiring a cleaning company is to have the convenience of having someone cover for that day.

We will assist you with a Cleaner if it is required.

Retail Shop Shopping Mall Cleaning Singapore

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Nicole was responsive to get our requirements and arranged an office cleaner for us within days. The Cleaning Hero Team is very professional & did a perfect office cleaning job!

Mdm Tan
Director, Koh Management Pte Ltd

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