Singapore Post Renovation Cleaning Services

Singapore Post Renovation Cleaning Services

Singapore Post Renovation Cleaning Services

Just done a renovation work for your home or moving in to a new place and got a contractor to build up your place?

For those who have taken possession of their new HDB flat, Condominium unit or Landed house, you must be excited to quickly move in.

Depending on your contract, the contractor may not be providing the Singapore Post Renovation Cleaning Services you need.

You might be left with dust everywhere and broken pieces of items on the floor which can be dangerous for occupants.’

It will be impossible for you to move into the house post renovation based on the conditions and you should always hire someone to get this done for you.

Getting a team of Post renovation cleaners to assist you is one of the important things you should do the moment you take possession of your unit post renovation.

The cleaners need to be well trained and have the experience to know where to watch out and how to prepare equipment needed for this forms of work.

The renovation workers could have left glass items or broken tiles that may need to be handled with care to prevent any forms of injury.

For some renovation contractors, they may include this amount inside their quotation to you and they will get it done for you.

Contractors who provide such additional services will likely hire cleaning contractors like Cleaning Hero to assist with the

reliable & safe

Reliable Team

We make sure everything is well taken care of and thoroughly clean, no stress in hiring us to cover the post renovation cleaning. Hire us, we do the post reno cleaning and you handover the clean property back to your client! Or hire us for your very own post reno clean!

Sufficient Manpower

We jump on it as soon as we are able to ensure that you get to move in as fast as possible after the contractor works are done! With sufficient manpower, we get to work fast for your Singapore Post Renovation Cleaning work.

Experienced Team

With experienced cleaners, you will be sure all the tough corners or usually missed spots are all covered!

Affordable pricing

We always aim to be competitive in our pricing for the services you require. Post renovation cleaning services can be at a good price that allows us to pay our every day heroes a good salary too!