Ways you could protect your office against Covid-19

Ways you could protect your office against Covid-19 – With the new Covid-19 omicron variant around the corner, you might be scrambling to predict what it might do to your business. While working from home is a viable option lately, there will be a time when people will need to return to the office. With a total of 71 Omicron positive cases as of 21/12/2021 in Singapore, you might be wondering what you could do to keep your office safe and away from Covid-19.

For this purpose, companies and business owners should either hire an office cleaner from companies like us, Cleaning Hero, capable of cleaning and disinfecting high-touch surfaces, employ an office cleaner yourself, or even do it yourself. Even with this, new and additional measures will be necessary to ensure the safety and health of employees to reduce the chances of disease transmission further.

So, what are the ways you could protect your office? Here are some of it you could use to protect your office against Covid-19 below!

  1. Use a proper disinfectant and cleaning supplies

To start it off, using a proper disinfectant for your intended purpose for your environment is vital to ensure that the germs are adequately removed without damaging the surface itself. A quality disinfectant based on the surfaces is also the most effective cleaning method against covid-19. With different disinfectants for different purposes and produce different results in the market, you should down your research or seek a professional to ensure that your office is safe.

With that in mind, also make sure that your office has sufficient cleaning supplies that match your needs. Essential must-have items are mops, vacuum, pails and micro-fibre cloths or disposable clothes on a tight budget.

  1. Create and maintain a cleaning schedule

A cleaning schedule can benefit both you and your employees in knowing what needs to be cleaned and when it should be cleaned. With things like office stationery, utensils, and surfaces, which should be cleaned frequently, germs and diseases like the Covid-19 virus will have a much tougher time settling in and contacting the employee. This method will not only maintain your employee’s health, but it will also work efficiently.

  1. High-touch surfaces should be cleaned multiple times each day.

You might be wondering, what are high touch surfaces? It is the areas inside the office where employees and visitors may come in contact frequently. Things like common desk spaces used by an individual often used light switches and door handles, with these surfaces being the top priority to be cleaned multiple times a day to lower the chances of Covid-19 transmission.

With this being said, we at Cleaning Hero can provide you with disinfection services daily to get the job done for you with the right equipment.

  1. Monitor and improve air quality

Unmanaged indoor air quality and environment can trigger unwanted disorders like allergies and breathing difficulties. And with those airborne droplet contaminants and diseases like the Covid-19 virus could still be amidst the air, the virus could be easily spread to other employees in the same room when unmanaged. A much easier way to manage the cleanliness of the air is to hire a professional like us to do it for you, as we will know what tools are necessary for each situation. It might also be hard to improve existing filtration and ventilation systems in your own office without the help of experts.

  1. Wash your hands

It might sound simple at first, but your employees must wash their hands after coming in contact with a high contact surface. Whether in a meeting room or a frequently used doorknob, washing your hands is essential to protect yourself and your employees. As Covid-19 is a virus transmitted through droplets, those droplets might end on high contact surfaces but have yet to be cleaned before, like during a meeting or after cleansing in the area, might result in some of the virus landing on your hand if you do not actively seek to wash your hands after cleaning a high-contact surface.

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Ways you could protect your office against Covid-19